5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Space this Spring

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Spring marks a time of change, and (hopefully!) a shift toward warmer weather. And what better time than the changing of the seasons to do some decluttering? It’s important to create a space that is free of triggers, or things that remind us of drinking and using, but this can be hard because we’re attached to those things. It’s also important to have a space we can feel light and happy in, instead of one that pulls us down. This is where “smart, not strong” comes in. Instead of trying to muscle through recovery, create a smart environment that supports your recovery to give yourself the best chance for success. 

Finding a new home for some of your clutter and things that trigger you can be an easy way to take the next step in your recovery this spring. Having a clean and stress free space allows you to focus better and can help keep you on track with your goals.

Here are 5 easy ways to declutter your space this spring. 

  • Donate items to Goodwill. 

One of the biggest pain points when decluttering is figuring out what you’re going to do with everything you want to get rid of. Donating items to Goodwill can be a great way to make sure your unwanted items find a new home. This can also make it easier to let go of your unused clutter when you think of it as something someone else might use and find joy from, as opposed to it just sitting around in your garage for another year. One of the best things about donating to Goodwill is that they are everywhere and easy to find. A quick Google search will likely pull up a few locations nearby that you can easily go to and drop off your donated items at the back of their store hassle free. Goodwill donations are also tax deductible, so you can do a good thing while receiving a tax write off as an added perk! It’s also important to note that Goodwill stores are a part of a large non profit organization that helps and employs at risk individuals who cannot currently get a job. So, donating will not only help you find a home for your clutter, make you feel good and give you a sweet tax write off…but it also helps out a great organization!

  • Have a yard/garage sale

Sometimes your junk can be someone else’s treasure. Having a yard sale is a useful way to make some money for the things you want to get rid of while not having to leave your house and you also get to see new people get excited over your old stuff along the way. Having a yard sale can sound like a lot of work, but it can be fun!  Pick a day when the weather is nice, gather up all your old items, lay them out in an organized way, assign a price to your items and let everyone know you’re having a yard sale. Gather up friends and family to help you out and promote your sale by hanging up banners and signs in your neighborhood and post a listing on a neighborhood watch app such as “Next Door.” Although you may not make a ton of extra money, your clutter is going to a new home with someone who will use it. 

  • List Your Items on Used/Reseller Apps  

Apps such as Poshmark, Ebay, The Real Real and many more can be a quick and easy way to get some bang for your buck. Oftentimes, you are able to get a little more money for your hand me downs on apps like these as opposed to selling them at a garage sale.  Using these apps is as simple as downloading the app, snapping a picture and posting your listing, and shipping the item with a prepaid mailing label once someone purchases it. Items for sale can range from well used to brand new. These apps are great tools for getting rid of nice clothing, handbags, lightly used shoes, furniture and more. 

  • Put items in storage

While this option doesn’t quite offer a permanent solution, putting some unwanted or rarely used items in a storage unit can be a smart way to temporarily declutter your space for items you don’t have room for. This can be a convenient way to store things that are only used for a short period of time (i.e. camping tent, christmas decor, skiing gear). Public storage spaces can be inexpensive and are cheap to rent for the first few months, with some places offering the first month’s rent for as low as $1. Although prices go up, this is also a great way to make sure you’re only storing these items for a short period of time.

  • Maximize your space

Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of stuff; you just need to organize your belongings. Organizing your space with storage shelves/boxes/etc will help declutter and make it easier for you to access and use your belongings—as well as make you more aware of everything you have. Organizing your kitchen cabinets, buying plastic storage boxes and using other personal storage items can be an affordable way to give your items a new home within your own space, so that they take up less room. Retailers such as Target/Walmart/Amazon etc. sell these items for relatively low prices. 

When your environment is clean, you feel more at peace, motivated, and less distracted by your surroundings. Start this spring with a clutter free home and mind so you can truly focus on what matters to you, like staying on track in your recovery.